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Posted by Mike Woodgate on January 13, 2011

A creative idea can come from anywhere. The process starts with a simple spark, or a sketch. We are constantly inspired by our surroundings; life, love, nature, and art… From sketches like these, new ideas are born and creative evolution begins.

These are the words that we printed on the inside cover of our notebooks this year.

This statement is very true in the type of work that I do at BTI. Sometimes an idea comes quickly and effortlessly, and at other times we have to dig deeper to find that creative spark.

I found some great examples of creative evolution while flipping through my old notebooks. What I find amazing is how sometimes the whole idea or layout seems to be there right from the beginning. This is why I think that the initial drawings and ideas are so important to a project, and why I spend a lot of time drawing (by hand) conceptual ideas before I even look to put them down on a computer.

Check out these examples of final artwork along with my original drawings that initiated the creative execution.

DRIcore Subfloor branding – Most of the branding elements for DRIcore brand can be found in the original sketches. The hero holding a DRIcore panel, the family in the background and the do-it-yourself (DIY) icon. At the time the sketches were created, the logo had not even been finalized.

May is Maytag Month – In this case, its pretty remarkable to see how closely the finished product reflects the sketch.

100K 4 United Way logo – This was a simple concept dreamed up while driving into work staring at the back of the car in front of me. I made the sketch within minutes of walking in the door and the idea took off.

Teriyaki Experience Spicy Chicken Promotion – The initial sketch here shows the graphics built around a plate image framed by red chillies. Despite numerous phases of revisions, the final artwork remains true to the original vision.

Money Source logo – Here is an example of experimenting with many icons to come up with just the right one. Among about a hundred little drawings shown on the left we find one that ultimately made the cut.