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Posted by Amit Chail on August 21, 2013

For many years, Whirlpool USA had been training retail sales associates and manually tracking their registrations & attendance for training sessions.. They wanted to automate their training and encourage more retail sales associates to attend their nationwide sales training sessions. To increase the reach of their training messages, they wanted to provide additional options to those associates who could not attend the sessions in person.

The training leadership team in Canada referred BTI Brand Innovations to the USA team to help them address their challenges.

BTI developed and launched a custom website allowing retail associates to register for in-person training sessions closest to their stores. For those unable to attend the in-person sessions, the system allowed them options to receive on-line or in-store training. Administrative reports allowed Whirlpool teams to review sign up progress and change tactics in real-time to increase registrations. System reports provided headcount and enabled executives to hold key players accountable for signups. The system was also used to manage live training events from attendance checks to headcount.



The customized solution for Whirlpool provided tools to increase the reach of the training program while offering a one-stop simplified registration system and process for retail associates. Hundreds of Whirlpool sales representatives managed and communicated with over 10,000 registrants using the information provided by the system.

Through BTI’s automation of the roadshow event, the roadshow not only exceeded in satisfaction survey results but allowed the Whirlpool USA team to manage a large number of registrants.

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