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Posted by Stuart Jansen on June 22, 2016

At a time when the beverage industry was going through a massive shift, cola wars were at their peak with brands attempting to attract new drinkers and consumers looking for alternatives to colas. Cott challenged BTI to help ‘Refresh’ the brand image of its value soft drink brand ‘Cott’ pop.

Our challenge was multi-layered and grew bigger at every step:

  • A Saturated market led by established competition
  • A relatively limited budget
  • Minimal consumer or retailer insights

To tackle the challenge, we took to social media with a strategy, segmented into 4 stages:

  1. Generate Interest
  2. Populate
  3. Target
  4. Engage

We strategically planned and launched communication on social media to generate interest and recruit fans. The response was excellent! Cott fans were out there and ready to reconnect with the brand that they once loved.

Within only a few months of activity we built a community of over 4,500 fans. But to take the brand to another level, we had to create an impact - we had to differentiate ourselves from the competition, by creating our own identity and by not being ‘another brick in the wall’.

That’s when somebody came up with a great concept, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. Actually, that was Oscar Wilde, but it’s still a great angle.

The answer was in front us: The awesome unique flavours of Cott!



We scanned the profile of our fans and found out what they love about our brand. Our fans were explorers, who wanted something different in all aspects; brands, music, movies, sports and music. So we came up with our new positioning: Mix It Up - Celebrating diversity and individuality.

Then it was time to create brand champions. We started with personality mirroring communication, by being part of the pop culture, rather than creating our own. We did this by being part of the real time conversations.

The results of the “Mix It Up” campaign were staggering - the content delivered on relevance to our target audience, resulting in an increase of page likes, reach and engagement.

Page Likes- Age 18-24
Women: Increase from 19% to 22% (Total Audience)
Men: Increase from 15% to 21% (Total Audience)

Reach- Age 18-24
Women: Increase from 24% to 42% (Total Audience)
Men: Increase from 19% to 53% (Total Audience)

Engagement Age 18-24
Women: Increase from 23% to 36% (Total Audience)
Men: Increase from 19% to 52% (Total Audience)

Bringing a new life to Cott Pop with a fan base that continues to grow.

Are you read to MIX UP your marketing strategy? Contact us today.