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Going from Good to Great

BTI Is Meticulous When It Comes to Looking at Every Aspect of the Design Process


When BTI gets a brief, we look at it from every angle. What is our client partner expecting? What does their consumer want? And what is going to wow them both? We draw inspiration from everywhere imaginable including movies, social media and even street art to come up with something completely fresh, new and exciting.


Typography is as simple as typing out the words right? Not quite. BTI looks at the spacing between every letter and line. The right font at the right weight at the right size. Plus we know all the rules so we know how and when to break them too. Ultimately all this attention to detail is to make any copy a delight for a reader.


We love colour. Every hue and tone. But the colour chosen can’t just be a favourite of the designer. It has to function as a design element that has meaning to the brand. Some brands even trademark their colours!


BTI looks at the way information is laid out as much as the information itself. For example, in a retail environment, you want to capture a shopper’s attention in the first few seconds. A logical hierarchy of information is critical to convert sales.