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Posted by BTI on November 26, 2017

Digital menu boards have quickly become the norm in any quick service restaurant. Take a stroll to your local food court and it will not be hard to find the bright LED screens that line the walls above the counter. Digital menu boards aren’t just shiny and eye-catching, but they prove to be far more effective than their printed counterparts.

Bringing Your Business To The 21st Century

Making your menu board digital is a cost-effective way to push your restaurant into the 21st century and to keep up with the competition. They can also change the look and feel of your restaurant without a pricey renovation – use technology instead.

One of the common misconceptions is that digital menu boards are expensive to operate and maintain. However, the operational costs after installation tend to be nominal. No expertise is needed to change content and with a little bit of training, anyone can handle it themselves.

Flexible And Easy To Update

Anyone in the restaurant business can tell you that it is a tough industry with narrow margins, so every dollar counts. Going digital can be a powerful marketing tool to influence what your customers decide to buy. They allow restaurant owners the flexibility to make changes on-the-fly which can increase their profits. These changes can also include adjusting pricing, featuring items that are faster to make during lunch or dinner rush to improve service time, or changing menu items to reflect weather conditions or special events.

Static Boards Are Just...Static

Digital menu boards aren’t just glorified posters; they can be used to engage customers with animations, rich graphics, and videos. As customers wait in line for their orders, in-store entertainment can be used to manage the perception of wait times or even enrich the customer’s in-store dining experience. Restaurants can use this to their advantage by creating video presentations of their menu items or promotions to encourage customers to try something new.



Teriyaki Experience value proposition looping video

You Are What You Eat

Changing health laws are making it necessary for restaurants to be transparent about what their customers are consuming. As of January 1st, 2017, restaurants with 20 or more locations in Ontario must comply with the Healthy Menu Choices Act, which requires restaurants to display the number of calories in a food or beverage item.

Digital menu boards make it easy to update your existing boards to comply with new health laws, thus saving time and money on printed boards. With static signage, every change would require restaurant owners to change the entire board, whereas digital menu boards allow restaurant owners to make changes instantaneously.

Think your menu needs a little refresh? Contact us to learn about how a digital menu board would look for your business!