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Posted by Div on December 19, 2018

Email marketing might be one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, but still remains one of the most targeted, personal, and effective means of reaching customers. Over 3.7 billion people use email across the world, making for a huge market of email connected customers. Moreover, businesses in the US are expected to spend over $350 million on email marketing next year. Typically, this kind of success can be attributed to the fact that shoppers often look for emails from their favourite stores when they are ready to buy something. These emails can include promotions, discounts, or even buyer guides to improve the entire shopping experience.

The drawback to modern email marketing is that everyone is doing it. The benefit is that not everyone is doing it right.


Choose the Right Subscribers

To begin, the key to email marketing is to email the right people. Often email lists are bogged down with unrelated contacts, many of whom did not ask to be a part of this list. Nowadays, due to national legislations on email marketing, consumers are protected by the GDPR in Europe, CASL in Canada, and CAN-SPAM in the USA.

What does this mean? Well, anti-spam laws mean different things in different countries, but in a nutshell, it means that businesses need to protect and care for customers’ privacy/data very prudently. When signing people up for newsletters or marketing emails, a business needs to make sure that only people who want to be on the list are added to it. One can improve the quality of their email list by making sure that every person who opts in to receive emails is completely clear on what they have signed up for. Some businesses even include a confirmation email, otherwise known as a “double opt-in” email, for good measure. If customers did not ask to be sent marketing emails, they likely will not interact with them.

Many businesses find success in growing their email lists by using “bait”, otherwise referred to as “Lead Magnets”. A lead magnet is usually intangible, digital content such as whitepapers, audio clips, podcasts or videos that customers can download at no cost in exchange for signing up with their contact information.


Targeting at the Optimal Time

In a modern inbox, junk and marketing mail composes a huge fraction of daily communications. To stand out from all this junk and competitors’ promotions, marketers have to keep on innovating and providing a unique selling point. Modern CRM’s and email clients offer a plethora of innovative solutions to both target and engage customers on a regular basis without even having to lift a finger. This is called “Email Automation”.

By using a modern CRM, businesses can target customers based on their browsing behaviour and overall engagement with their website.

Subscribers can be segmented based on their location, their open rate, whether they had items in their cart, or if they continually visit the same pages on your site. Customers can be segmented based on this behaviour and sent customized emails catered to nudge them towards a purchase. Modern CRM’s even offer personalization tags for your emails that will automatically enter the recipient’s information, such as their name, address, or products that they were browsing, so it seems as though the email was written specifically to them.


Testing, Testing, Testing!

Most importantly, testing is critical for any successful email marketing campaign. Different automations can be tested for relative effectiveness, including across various trigger actions, and different responses to these triggers. Many CRM’s offer options for A/B testing, where one can test out a number of email designs, subject lines, and offerings to see what works best. There is no cookie cutter solution to email marketing, and every market/business will need some tweaking of its own based on its clientele. Some marketers even experiment with the best time of day to email subscribers. It’s best to try out all ideas and gravitate most of the spend towards the ones that work best!

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