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A cultural mosaic, Canada is characterized by an immigrant population totaling over 20% of the nation's population. This market is extremely wide and requires special efforts as other cultures react differently to various forms of media. Latest research has shown that immigrant communities are more brand loyal, keen to experiment and have higher spends, compared to the mainstream population. With this in mind, BTI aims to make your brand a second home for ethnic consumers; our custom approach to ethnic marketing makes a lasting impact.

Research and Insights

Our effort is to build and update our knowledge bank to stay relevant by gathering market research, white papers, and conducting focus group discussions for meaningful consumer insights. We also regularly track international work for better understanding of the environment in home countries of the immigrant communities.

Strategy and Planning

We believe strategy is the core of every ground-breaking idea. An effective strategy is built on diagnosing the real business problem and a clear understanding of the target audience, their cultures, values and rituals. Solutions come from the expertise to interpret, analyze, and decode that information- translating it into result oriented communication strategy.

Creative and Media

Our approach to creative development is to impact consumer behaviour and drive results- not just create a fancy piece of work. But impactful creative work is fruitless without an effective media strategy. Each creative element holds the power to bring in change, if implemented in the right channels. At BTI, we tactfully plan and buy media for best results.

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