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Posted by Stuart on March 20, 2014

We all have those places which nurture our creativity and help bring us to that “EUREKA!” moment. Where are you when creativity strikes and those great ideas come to you? Let’s take a walk around the BTI studio to find out where our design team get their best ideas.

“I always get my best ideas when I’m in the shower”

Parveen Dhupar:
I find that I always get my best ideas when I’m in the shower. It can sometimes be a little inconvenient because there is nowhere to write them down. What I’ve started to do is keep my phone just outside of the shower so that the moment I am done, I can write down any ideas that come to my head while they’re fresh in my mind.

A great example of this is the SIR Corp. tagline that we came up with. We had been working on the project for a while and had gone through some intense brainstorming earlier in the day to try and come up with a good tagline for the company. That night, while in the shower, I got the idea for “bringing something different to the table”, I wrote it down in my phone and that’s what we went with.

“Ideas hit me when my eyes are closed right before I fall asleep”

Mike Woodgate:
I find that higher level conceptual ideas can hit me at anytime, most often at times when my mind is relaxed and not subject to distractions.Two examples of this are during my daily commute to work, or when my are eyes closed right before I fall asleep. It is at these times that I am able to really focus my creative energy, and come up with some winning ideas.

Visual ideas, however, are more hands on and are brought to life by doodling and sketching quickly and letting one drawing or sketch inspire the next. I soak up visual inspiration by simply observing more deeply the things that surround me everyday including nature, colour, art & design, and try to carry a sketch book wherever I go to help me capture an idea.

Coffee also helps. 2-3 cups per day.

“My go to spot for inspirations and ideas are coffee shops”

Mike Lao:
My go-to spot for inspirations and ideas are coffee shops, a place where I can get my personal space but at the same time be surrounded by other people who are focused on their own individual work. I feel that being surrounded by dim lighting and the smell of coffee, while smooth jazz plays in the background, gets my creative juices flowing. Instrumental music specifically inspires me because it doesn’t distract me with lyrics; it feels more like being in the climax of a movie where all my ideas are coming together and building off each other.

“When plugged into music I tend to come up with my most creative ideas”

Thera-Lee Laurin:
When plugged into music I tend to come up with my most creative ideas. I believe the “white noise” of the music playing in the background helps to distract my mind, allowing it to wander, make connections with the brand and innovate. An example of this is the Cashmere UltraLuxe consumer promotion. While listening to music on my phone, the look and feel of the campaign suddenly came to me. I thought of what font I wanted to use, and built the idea around that serif high fashion font.

“It seems insomnia some how gets me into the zone for graphic design”

Dan Neil:
I tend to get my best ideas when I can’t sleep or when I’m staying up late.  It seems insomnia somehow gets me into the zone for graphic design and songwriting. Also sometimes when I’m very bored I enjoy hopping on Photoshop and making the most absurd images I can think of as an exercise in creativity.
At work, being given time to experiment and get focused by putting on some Progressive Rock/Metal (my muse), really helps me hammer out some great ideas.  This process is definitely a “trial and error” thing but will usually result in a few interesting concepts in the end.

“I get my best ideas while driving and listening to music”

Arek Jackowski:
I get my best ideas while driving and listening to music because it is a time when I am not focusing on anything other than driving. Suddenly, something I drive by will catch my eye and inspire me. Even though I might have driven past it many times, the image may stand out differently this time; maybe because something has changed or maybe because the music has given it a different feeling. I keep a voice recorder with me at all times, so that I can remember any great ideas that come to me.

When do you get your best ideas? Is it when you’re showering? Driving? Listening to music? Or something completely different? Let us know!