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Creative Driven Through Insights

Before any creative is executed, we take a deep dive into the why and get a clear understanding of the consumer insights and strategy. The BTI CI (Creative Intelligence) process ensures that we deliver upon the goals and objectives against measurable KPI’s.

Learn more about each area of our expertise below.

Curiosity Breeds Discovery

Unpacking relevant consumer insights, means constantly updating our knowledge bank, and staying relevant by gathering market research and white papers, and conducting focus group discussions. An understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends based on real data is the first step to developing a creative strategy that will connect.

  • Ethnography
  • Pairs / Triads
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Store / Packaging Audits
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Studies
  • Usage & Attitude
  • Conjoint Analysis

Clarity of Focus

To get to where you want to be begins with a roadmap...strategy. Whether it's a deep dive, an outsider's review of your plans, a market assessment or a competitive analysis, we can support your strategic needs. A map to success is essential if you want to reach your goals. We are uniquely suited with over 25 years of C-suite, startup and NPO experience to help get you to where you want to be.

  • Business Plan Review
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Brainstorming
  • Short & Long Term Planning
  • New Product Innovation
  • Product Launch Analysis
  • Marketing Plans
  • Business Plans
  • 4P Business Assessment

Bridging the (Resonance) Gap

Building a successful brand means developing a consistent visual style and voice that connects with people across all channels. Our mission is to build strong, memorable and sustainable brand stories which are a true reflection of your existence, values and offering.

  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Voice
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Storytelling
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Marketing Plan & Execution
  • Content Creation
  • In Market Research

Delivering See, Touch and Feel

Connecting through print media has a tangibility that continues to make an impact when executed correctly. Nothing can replicate the feeling your customers experience when they can literally touch a piece of your brand. Developing ideas, and bringing them to life by putting ink to paper; it’s in our roots.

  • Brand Identity
  • Consumer Promotions
  • Campaign Development
  • Package Design
  • Direct Marketing
  • Point of Purchase
  • Brochures & Sell Sheets
  • Product Catalogues
  • Promotion Collaterals
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Print Advertisements
  • Annual Reports

Connecting Through Tech

Bringing brave ideas to life with technology, our dedicated digital team gives brands a strong and sustainable online presence that connects with customers at home, in-store and anywhere.

  • Websites
  • Campaign Microsites
  • Mobile App Development
  • SEO, SEM & Analytics
  • Online Marketing & Advertising
  • Social Media Activation & Nurturing
  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics

Leaving a Lasting Impression

Immersing your audience with an engaging and exciting brand experience creates meaningful connections with your brand and positions your brand top of mind.

  • Event Planning
  • Roadshows
  • Sales Conferences
  • Environmental Design
  • Space Planning
  • Retail Displays
  • Tradeshow Booths
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Sampling Programs
  • Street Teams
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Focus Groups