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Posted by Stuart Jansen on August 3, 2012

Facebook has started to rollout a new service as reported by Inside Facebook’s Brittany Darwell. Facebook will now allow Page admins to target their posts based on age, gender, relationship status and education. This is in addition to location and language that is currently allowed today.

This provides more control to direct brand messaging to the target demographic profile for the brand. Does this mean that the rest of the fans won’t see the posts in their feeds? It’s too early to say right now.  But for now, the ability to send specific messages to a segment of your market is an execellent and welcome tool. In my opinion, this maybe more effective than paying for ads targetted to the same target market. Of course, in some brand awareness campaigns, ads may still be relevant. But to achieve loyal brand advocates, the more we can target our audience, the better we can control our messaging.

This is HUGE! Let’s hope that their insights analytics keep up in tracking the required data so we can assess the impact of targetted posts.

Let’s see how well brands utilize this new tool!

For us, we can think of many ways to leverage it and engage the right audience. If you are interested, drop us a line!