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Posted by Parveen Dhupar on October 29, 2015

Every year at BTI, we challenge ourselves in creating our own Christmas campaign. Last year, we came up with 'Give A Little .Gif', a unique and engaging tool that gave our clients, suppliers, families and friends an interactive and memorable holiday greeting. Following the success of our campaign we realized that 'Give A Little .Gif' could be transformed into a great tool for other small businesses. This is how the new and improved 'Give a .Gif' campaign can benefit small businesses:

Branded E-Cards

Give a .Gif allows small businesses to send e-card to clients for less than the price of postage! Unlike our competitors, businesses who sign up for Give a .Gif get exclusive branding, so that their clients and referrals only see their logo on the page.

Lead Generation

The idea for Give a .Gif began as a lead generation tool. We wanted to give clients the opportunity to refer their friends to a small business in a fun way by sharing a holiday greeting. In order to encourage referral, we offer the opportunity to incentivize sharing through a contest. 

CASL Compliance

Give a .Gif gives businesses the chance to convert clients who have done business with them over the last 2 years into explicit CASL compliant contacts on their email distribution list. It also takes advantage of CASL's referral laws to help gain CASL compliant leads through client referral.

Promo Offers

The Give a .Gif tool gives businesses a great opportunity to connect with their customers over the holiday season, and show them that they are appreciated through a promotional offer. 

Campaign Management System

We have built the Give a .Gif tool with a campaign management system that is extremely simple to use and lets users build the campaign themselves. Upload an email list, write custom messages and create custom offers utilizing this easy to use system.

Give a .Gif offers small businesses custom branded holiday e-greetings which generates leads, builds email lists, gains CASL opt-ins and allows for custom incentives and promotions, all for less than the price of postage!

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