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Posted by Div on February 22, 2019

This month, we'd like to shine a light on our friends at Global Citizen, an incredible organization committed to acting on some of the world’s greatest challenges. In its commitment to end extreme poverty, Global Citizen is involved in a number of initiatives, involving girls and women, health, education, famine, sanitation, and much more.

The main goal of Global Citizen is to promote awareness of these crises around the world by telling stories. By telling and sharing stories, the organization hopes to educate others about conflicts happening away from home and encourage them to act.

The thought is that by educating the world about extreme poverty, consumers will make informed buying decisions and become advocates for change. Members of government, students, and corporate, small and large business are encouraged to play their part. The organization believes that if we approach this as a united front, we can end extreme poverty by 2030.

In this day and age, at least 1 billion people suffer from extreme poverty, and over 700 million people lack access to clean water or food. Organizations like Global Citizen are critical to the success of global anti-poverty initiatives. In the last three decades, the number of extreme poverty cases worldwide has declined by 50%! Global Citizen alone has affected over 2.25 billion people across the world and generated commitments/policies worth over $37.9 billion. Global Citizen is active all over the world, prevalent in South Africa, Australia, India, the UK, Germany, Belgium, and right here at home, in Canada.

Global Citizen, a charity managed by the Global Poverty Project, is about to make their next big move onto a world stage, partnering with National Geographic and Proctor & Gamble, to produce a new 6-part documentary series called ACTIVATE. Premiering in Fall 2019, ACTIVATE will be focusing on issues around the world including extreme poverty, inequality and environmental conflicts. Each episode will centre around a campaign conducted by Global Citizen, its volunteers, and its impact. The aim of the program will be to mobilize global citizens and encourage action to drive change - “moving audiences from intent to action.”  Just now, crews begin to capture footage for the first episode in South Africa, the Philippines, Nigeria, and Peru.

You can learn more about the ACTIVATE series here, or you can watch the video below!