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Posted by Dhara on July 19, 2019

It’s no secret that mobile interactions have changed the modern consumer's behaviour. With powerful mini-computers in our pocket, we do much more than just sending messages and calling friends. About 68% of smartphone users say they check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning, and 30% admit they actually get “anxious” when they don’t have their phone with them. In many countries, including the U.S., more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers. We turn to our phones with intent: to learn more. There are moments when we need answers, and we need them now. In 2015, Google labelled these moments as "Micro-Moments".

Micro-Moment - An intent rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need – to know, to go, to do, or to buy.

  • I Want to Know – consumers who are exploring or purchasing but aren’t quite in “ready to buy” mode
  • I Want to Go – when a consumer is looking for information about a nearby business or considering a purchase at a nearby store
  • I Want to Do – consumers needing assistance in completing a task or trying something new
  • I Want to Buy – consumers ready to make a purchase but needing help with deciding what to buy or how to buy it

These are game changing moments for both consumers and brands. In these intent-rich moments when consumers turn to their devices, decisions are made and preferences are shaped. These are the moments when customers’ expectations from brands are much higher than ever. The successful brands of tomorrow will be those that have a strategy for understanding and meeting consumers' needs in these Micro-Moments.

  • Be There: Being available and optimized on mobile is imperative to shape decisions and preference. It's been found that 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search. It is extremely important for a brand to show up in top search results. Think of most-searched-for topics for your brand and boost your SEO game.
  • Be Useful: If your content isn’t useful for your consumers in the moment, not only will consumers move on, they might not ever come back. 73% of consumers say that regularly getting useful information from an advertiser is the most important attribute when selecting a brand. Whether it is baking cookies or buying a home, make sure your content is useful when people come to your brand on mobile mid-task. Create snackable content, how-to videos, and offer information rather than pushing a sale.
  • Be Quick: Consumers expect brands to move at lightning speed when they are looking for information in their intent rich moments. 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app they can’t find information or the site is too slow. Anticipate their needs, eliminate unwanted steps and provide a quick and seamless digital experience to your customers.
  • Utility Trumps Novelty: In order to stand out in the market, brands often want to be the first to do something new, and they want it to be amazing. But more often, what really matters to consumers and business' bottom line isn’t the novelty of your campaign but rather, the utility of your content.

Want to learn more about optimizing your brand's digital experience for Micro-Moments? Get in touch with the team, we'd love to chat.

Insights and inspiration provided by Google Consumer Surveys, August 2015.