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Posted by Sheryl on April 18, 2019

Every marketing conference, marketing blog, article, white paper, or analytics report centers around one common subject, Millennials. Are we over it yet? Ambitious, connected and constantly changing the world, what don’t we know about this somewhat overly-stereotyped generation?

As the millennials themselves would say, “let me spit some facts at you!"

Where are they living?

Millennials (hereby referred to as “Mills”), live in Ontario (37%). That’s not surprising nor is the fact that 11% live in Toronto. But, Mills index 22 points higher in Alberta than the rest of the age groups. Immigration and migration within Canada and high fertility rates are keeping Alberta youthful. Launching a new product to Mills? Consider Toronto and Calgary/Edmonton to get the best bang for your launch buck.

Mills are book smart, single, and have the cash… who wouldn’t want to wine and dine them?

What Are They Eating?

Speaking of wining and dining - what do Mills think of healthy eating? They think about it a lot.

While it’s pretty universal, Canadians consider meals containing the following as healthy:

  • More Vegetables & Fruit (55%)
  • Less Sugar (40%)
  • Natural Ingredients (32%)

Mills are seriously packing away more fruits and vegetables in the past year than any other age group.

Avocado toast anyone? How about a plant-based bean salad for your Keto lunch? You could wash that down with power protein berry shake? Bam! Bring on the next HIIT class!

Product Claims

Organic, organic, organic! Mills (27%) look for products carrying an organic descriptor more than any other age group. While there is still limited public knowledge on exactly what is defined as “organic”, Mills flock toward organic product claims. However, it’s important to note that brands are encouraged to remain authentic or the Mills will Tweet you into obscurity.

Avoiding Food Products From….

In recent memory there have been boycotts of foods from certain countries due to political or health & safety issues. Female Mills (70% vs 60% remaining age groups) in Alberta (80% vs 72%) seem to be extraordinarily vocal in their avoidance of foods from certain countries.

At the end of the day, you can say what you will about Millennials. But if you asked them, they might say they are proudly ambitious, constantly connected and slowly changing the world. That’s a good thing! As marketers we are constantly trying to broaden our communication to reach new audiences, and Millenials are no different. Get in touch with our team to learn more about marketing healthy living to major demographics and psychographics.