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Posted by James on April 18, 2019


You may have seen some posts on your feed ending with a string of pound signs and generic phrases, and wondered what in the world it all means. These are hashtags.

A hashtag is the secret path to get your post on multiple social media feeds on various social platforms. Think of hashtags as a currency of social media. The more hashtags you use, the more visible you are to people looking for posts related to that hashtag. These tags are a form of metadata that categorizes content into tags, or categories. Though to some they might seem unnecessary, hashtags are an integral part of how we communicate online.

How to use Hashtags

When you post a picture on Instagram, search for trending hashtags relating to the image. Trending hashtags are the most searched-for topics on the platform. Use of these hashtags also means that your post will reach the most eyeballs while they are trending.

On Twitter, hashtags act like a chatroom; when users express their thoughts and opinions about a popular topic, they can add a hashtag to the end of the tweet to join a larger discussion about that hashtag. You can even search trending conversations using hashtags. Users can view large discussions happening in real time right from the comfort of their homes. Hashtags can also be used for social causes to spread awareness or talk about a current event.

You can see below how The Avengers: Endgame is using hashtags on Twitter to start a larger discussion about their upcoming movie. Every tweet they post contains the hashtag #AvengersEndgame. This contributes to a Twitter-wide discussion about the movie. This way, fans can experience new footage and posters as a part of their film discussion.

Hashtags for Businesses

Businesses can increase their organic reach by posting images with relevant and authentic content. Content is always key. Businesses need to focus on providing value to the right people, and hashtags can be used as a targeting tool to reach prequalified audiences who may be interested in your content. Hashtags may enter your content in a public discussion, but you must still ensure that the images are high quality and relatable to the audience.

Hashtags also help businesses find influencers and target audiences’ posts that might relate to their product. By using hashtags to source interested individuals, businesses could reach out and start a conversation, providing direct value to prospective customers or spokespeople through direct message.

The key takeaway is that hashtags are a part of digital culture and communication in an internet connected age. If you consider yourself a player in the online game, you need to learn how to use your ‘tags correctly. We can help with that. Get in touch with our digital team today to see how you can optimize your brand’s digital presence, and start providing added brand value through social media.