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Posted by Amit Chail on April 18, 2013

Have you run integrated campaigns and been challenged by your executives to compare your results to industry benchmarks? You’ve probably noticed that this industry data is close to non-existent. BTI is a creative marketing agency with various clients in the CPG industry. We are initiating a research study for benchmarking purposes that will also help you assess the effectiveness of your campaigns against various factors.

What are the most common used metrics to measure success?

Which medium is the most effective to reach your target market?

Which media delivers the best results?

Share your experiences to create an industry first report to help all of our marketing colleagues.

BTI is inviting you to share your results and contribute to industry research by participating in our 10 to 15 minute confidential survey. By participating, you will know how your results compare to industry standards. You can be assured that your individual results will be kept completely confidential and only average results will be published. You will receive a custom report benchmarking your results against that of your industry peers.

So why is BTI conducting this survey? BTI implements many integrated marketing campaigns in the form of contests, rebates, etc. Our clients continuously find it difficult acquiring industry benchmarking data. BTI would like to assist our clients and our marketing colleagues in comparing their campaigns with industry averages. BTI would like to do its part by gathering this data and providing it back to marketers as a valuable service to the marketing industry at no cost to participants.