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Posted by Stuart on December 17, 2014

Being one of the most innovative legal firms in North America, Vanguard Law Group required a website that reflected their unique and cutting edge approach to real estate law. Since video conferencing and remote legal signings are key components of Vanguard’s business, they wanted to integrate video content in a unique way throughout the site.

Keeping their desire for video integration in mind, BTI built Vanguard Law Group’s new website from the ground up with features including a full screen time lapse video background and video-on-demand functionality within the FAQ section. Other website features include a completely custom closing cost calculator, built-in SEO tools, and a blog. The entire website is fully responsive, and runs off of a custom CMS that allows Vanguard to make ongoing content updates at any time, and from anywhere.

BTI provided photography of the Vanguard team to populate the website’s ‘Our Team’ page with high quality and consistent images. Our photography and video production services were also utilized on site to create a time-lapse videos of their work environment.

Vanguard’s new website, while clean and user-friendly, gives users the ‘wow’ factor through its innovative and dynamic design.



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