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Posted by Sheryl Johnson on October 19, 2017

BTI puts the consumer at the centre of everything we do, therefore, having a regular touchpoint into the mind of consumers is crucial. In our efforts to stay connected, we field questions in a national survey every month. Last month we helped a client better understand Canadian smokers and vapers.

Here’s what we learned:

  • 1 in 5 Canadians (equally male/female) smoke 10+ cigarettes a day

  • Almost a 1/3 live in Quebec

  • 60% have an income under $40K

  • 96% of Canadians under the age of 24 have tried vaping while less than 25% of smokers over the age of 40 have tried the new smoking alternative.

So what? Despite 20+ years of government, pharmaceutical and private companies trying to stop Canadians from smoking, 21% are still lighting up traditional cigarettes. 

Targeting the right demographic with a smoking alternative message will improve the client's ROI and impact.

Are you targeting the right consumer with the right message?  Contact us to unearth simple truths about your current, new or lapsed consumers with our survey questions next month.