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Posted by Sheryl Johnson on February 26, 2018

Is there a question you would like answered from the general public? Just a few questions that might help inform your broader research or help you formulate your strategic plan?

We asked 2,200 Canadians about condiments last month and we uncovered a few interesting tidbits.

- Almost 20% of Canadians have between 11 and 20+ condiments in their kitchen

- However, 10% of 35-44 year old don't know condiments have an expiry date!

- Even more concerning, 44% of 35-44 year olds clean out their fridge of expired condiments less than twice a year.

- According to Kraft, opened mayonnaise in the refrigerator, should be discarded after 4 months, however, 56% of Canadians believe mayo can survive 6+ months.


Asking short simple questions of the general public can be an eyeopener to learn a new insight that might ignite a new awareness, trial or education campaign. 

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