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Posted by Sheryl Johnson on January 29, 2018

Does your brand use an app?  How have you marketed your app?  Once your app is launched, it's just the beginning of a marketing plan. 

Once customers have downloaded your app, have you given them a reason to use it?

Encouraging customers to turn on your app's notification permission comes down to 3 opportunities we learned in our in-market survey last month. 

  • While 98% of 18-24 year olds allow notifications, less than 70% of 55 year olds do the same.  

  • When notifications are allowed, 53% of respondents expect new & relevant information.

  • Of those who allow notifications, 25-44 year olds are 32% more likely than the general population to allow special interest apps, and 42% more likely for recipe apps.

Helping you get the most out of your investment is what we do.

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