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Posted by James on October 24, 2018

Among the 1 billion active Instagram users each month, 80% of them follow at least one business. This tells us it’s a no-brainer that businesses today not only need to have an online presence but a strong social media following as well. Over 500 million users a day can influence purchase decisions for brands. Of course, you would need to be on a platform that’s right for your business to garner any valuable conversions.

Most brands today are leveraging Instagram to engage with customers, promote products, sell, and build a loyal fan base. However, a unique value proposition associated with Instagram marketing is the opportunity brands have to tap into the passions of their customers and create a bond that goes beyond a monetary transaction. By inspiring users to post photos of their spaces, businesses gain an invaluable form of organic exposure. Therefore, more businesses are designing their physical interiors to be optimized for “the perfect Instagram”. The ideas could range from classy designs with great lighting to unique setups where imagination is the only limitation.

Village Marketing recently designed a New York City apartment with Wayfair, making it blogger friendly and “Instagram worthy”. The apartment has been created as a dedicated space for bloggers to shoot amazing pictures using their luxurious backgrounds. This space was created to fulfill the need where boggers wouldn’t get the right lighting or background for their pictures or would have to travel to furniture stores.

The infinity mirror rooms, created by Yayoi Kusama, were a mesmerizing highlight at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). The Japanese artist’s kaleidoscopic environments gave audiences the opportunity to explore the vastness of time and space and click some exceptional Instagram worthy content.

Unzipped Toronto blew up on Instagram as a freedom of expression and diversity. The walk in structure was equally magnificent inside as it looked from the outside. Bjarke Ingels, the mastermind behind the pavilion that stood tall on King Street, demonstrated the marriage between architecture, art and Instagram as people flocked over to share their experiences.

Local bars and stores are carving out sections for customers to take that perfect creative photo. For example, Convenience on Queen St West, Toronto, has old rotary telephones with the caption ‘Party Line’ on a pink wall. The retro theme has climbed up the popularity charts on Instagram attracting more people to come in, simply for the iconic backdrop.

Being Instagram famous comes with great perks such as growth in product sales, increasing brand awareness, sparking iconic ideas and tapping into new markets. 

The key takeaway is to get creative on how to promote and grow your business in an era of cut-throat competition. Environmental design plays a huge role in your patrons’ experience. By leveraging design and the social media generation, businesses can attract tons of new customers. To find out more about how to leverage your business’s aesthetic to attract the Instagram generation, contact #TeamBTI today for a free consultation in digital marketing.