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Bound By Nothing



Research revealed that high-end consumers were changing and no longer enjoyed buying expensive items for status. Instead they wanted to bring utility to their life and be seen as a style leader. In response, JennAir underwent a rebellious brand revival that aimed to revolutionize the ultra-premium appliance category and redefine what luxury means. Out of this, two design expressions were created – RISE and NOIR. BTI was tasked with developing the most important marketing tool JennAir utilized for the launch.


BTI developed two unique brochures that introduced RISE and NOIR using a framework inspired by the diagonal lines that shaped the new logo. This grid provided a structure but at times content burst through for dramatic effect. Imagery was bold. De-faced luxury with salient colours, textures and theatrical product shots. Headlines were provocative and individually crafted by subtracting pieces of letters to create unique wordforms. While RISE incorporated hot, fiery imagery and NOIR darker, sensual imagery, both incorporated highly detailed plan to sell pages to help consumers compare product features.


These innovative brochures brought the new brand positioning to life for thousands of consumers across the country. As a result, the brand generated meaningful growth and took a leadership role in the appliance category and BTI was awarded Platinum Hermes Awards.