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Posted by Nakul Iyer on August 23, 2017

We have all heard it before, "print is dead." 

And we know why - the digital revolution we are witnessing is taking every industry by storm. For advertisers, digital display advertising has become near omnipresent and having placements featured in a magazine or newspaper could be argued to be a drain on resources that would stretch further online.   

The rise in digital advertising has also shifted the power from publishers to advertisers with new methods like pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, and search engine optimization.

Is it safe to say that all advertising has gone digital?

We think not, and as a matter of fact, printed flyers are arguably as important as ever, acting as a complement to digital advertising rather than a competitor.

Roughly twenty years ago, Sally Salmon at Staples Canada indicated that experts predicted the end of physical flyers. Twenty years later, Salmon said Staples was still printing flyers for businesses of all sizes including themselves.

The flyer industry seems to have taken a similar path as the book industry in that some consumers will always want to feel a tangible piece of printed material in their hands. Digital flyers and e-books are on the rise, but flipping the pages on a book or reading a printed flyer is a habit that will be hard to shake for the modern consumer.

Image A Lowe's flyer, with an exclusive Maytag brand page. Printed May, 2017

Digital flyers for KitchenAid, Maytag, and Whirlpool brands, were also created for May, 2017, and were utilized by various retailers including Lowe's.

Even though printed flyer readership is decreasing by generation, 30% of Millennials still checked a paper flyer before their last shopping trip.

The bottom line is that flyers are a convenient and clear way to digest information, and consumers recognize this fact. 

At BTI, staying current with market trends whether print or digital is our bread and butter. The flyer is still a worthy investment but integrated marketing success starts with understanding your audience's behaviour, not maintaining the status quo without purpose. An important question to ask is not whether or not print flyers will be phased out, but how their role will evolve with our shopping experience.

Not sure if your next flyer should be print or digital or both? We can help you with that!