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Posted by Brittany Zies on September 24, 2018

Finding and connecting your digital village online

Why is digital marketing for your local business important in the first place?

More businesses today rely on digital media for corporate communication, blurring the line between Public Relations and Marketing.

Typically, a consumer would go to the store to know more about the product they wish to buy. With the convenience of Google and social media, now a customer can be well educated on the product before going into the store to make the purchase. Nearly half of all mobile searches today are for local business information.

Studies show that people prefer local businesses when given a choice because of two main reasons. Firstly, local businesses are in close proximity which facilitates convenience. Secondly, with local businesses, consumers expect the service to be customized to their needs and superior in quality.

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you’re already out of the game because it is second nature for customers to start their search for products and services online. For most Google searches, the map feature pops up as a result of local searches. Google uses thousands of factors to determine the results of a search and location plays a HUGE part in it. The reality is that search engines (namely Google) are reading everything about your business that is online. Everything includes all social media posts, blogs, reviews, website visits and details relating to your business. This is why it is important to ensure that all information about your business online is accurate, up to date and consistent.

Now you must be wondering, “Okay, cool, but how do I market my business online?

The answer to that is comprised of four primary components.

  • Start with a website:

    The website needs to be mobile compatible and an accurate representation of your business. It should provide all the information a consumer needs about products and services offered, as well as an option for the consumer to contact you.

  • Claim your business:

    All businesses do not need to be on all social media channels, but they should exist on relevant platforms with a strong purpose to claim their presence.

  • Encourage Customer Reviews:

    Customer reviews are a form of currency online. Make sure you encourage your customers to leave positive reviews about your business, as the more positive reviews you have, the better your SEO. Better SEO gives local businesses the opportunity to compete with the big guys and appear high up on search. However, negative reviews do appear, and the best thing to do is show that you care and drown them in positive reviews.

  • Add Value for the customer:

    Most customers online will compare your prices and products or services to get the best deals. The way to make a difference and stay top of mind is to add value to their lives through your products and services. Adding value is a basic pillar many marketers, social media content managers and others miss. This is what separates thought leaders in our industry.

Content is, and always has been, King. Ultimately, these four components are connected through quality content. To get a return on your investment in digital marketing, it is essential to invest in quality content that include blogs, photography, copywriting, partnerships, contest, etc. Contact BTI Brand Innovations’ team of eclectic connectors today for a custom content and digital strategy for a brilliant online presence.