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Posted by Marlon Tiongson on January 18, 2016

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread, a gourmet cookie shop founded in 1981 and located in downtown Toronto, has long since had a huge success in the local community -- thanks to their signature Chocolate Crunch shortbread.

Their goal was to increase brand awareness beyond the local community, expand their mailing list (while adhering to new CASL guidelines), and boost online sales both in Toronto and across Canada.

BTI was up to the task and created “What Cookie Are You Today?”, an online personality quiz contest where participants were asked a series of mood and personality based questions, and once completed were assigned a Mary Macleod’s shortbread flavour based on their answers.

Mary Macleod Shortbread - What Cookie Are You Today?

Every shortbread flavour has a unique personality, much like the person taking the quiz. Plus, a “Did You Know” section treated participants with fun-filled trivia about “anything shortbread”.

Mary Macleod Shortbread - What Cookie Are You Today? Questionaire

Completion of the quiz gave people a chance to win “free cookies for a year”, $5 coupon for online purchases and earn bonus entries through referrals. This recurring online contest aims to strengthen the brand’s awareness by giving their products personality and building brand loyalty.

The contest is backed by a custom built CMS that enables the client to send a personalized email with coupon code to entrants, as well as referral emails to potential subscribers. The CMS also features a reporting system that offers flexible date range reporting, detailed information on emails, entries, referrals, shares and CASL compliant opt-ins.

Utilizing online, in-store and on-site event promotion, the contest received over 20,000 entries, 33% of which were returning participants and 20% referred the contest to their friends -- which lead to a 35% increase in email subscription and increased sales through coupon redemption.

Mary Macleod Shortbread What Cookie Are You Today? Promotional materials

Contests are a great way to keep your customers engaged year round, and help start a conversation about your brand. Contact BTI to devise a unique contest to impress and engage your customers.

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