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Posted by Dhara on June 17, 2020

Standing out and occupying consumer mind space by breaking through the clutter has always been a top priority in marketing and the number one challenge in advertising. With a constant influx of brand messages, how is a brand to be sure that its message will capture the attention of, and resonate with its target audience? And even if it does resonate, how can we invoke our desired reaction to the message? 

The answer is simple: a compelling story that connects with consumers on an emotional level. A message that touches their heart and evokes a feeling or a memory. Mostly in the past, brand commercials have come across to say, “Buy me. I am cheaper, faster, & efficient”. But as of late, we are seeing an inflection point in the way that brands deliver this message. Rather than repeating the same selling points, a more effective approach is to build stories around the benefits of the products and/or services. Let consumers connect to the message and act upon it on their own. 

What is equally essential in a compelling message is its execution. Storytelling is not a process, method, or technique. It's an art. Just like any form of art, it requires vision, creativity, and expertise. Storytelling should be engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking, unique to the shape and form your story may take. Some stories are written, some are told and some are shown. A brand may choose a blog or an article to tell its story where some other brands may opt for a more visual-based approach such as photographs, illustrations, videos, and animations.

An ideal brand message can have one overarching theme emphasized in multiple ways, for a broader reach, as no two consumers are the same. Every consumer perceives the message differently based on their preferred medium and method. It is essential to have mastery in a variety of tools and vehicles used for storytelling, such as copywriting, photography, illustrations, videos, animation, and more, to effectively deliver a compelling story.

Storytelling is an essential component of a strong marketing campaign, and working with the right partner to help tell that story is just as essential as the story itself. Click here to learn more about how our team of storytellers at BTI Brand Innovations can help craft a story that is unique to your brand. 

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