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Posted by Emily Taraborrelli on August 23, 2017

“Hey could I get that logo again?” 

“Is that the updated version of that doc?” 

“Can you provide an image for that messaging?"

These are the questions that can waste company time, creating small tasks for employees that could easily be resolved through thoughtful organization; in particular, the type of organization offered through a Digital Asset Management (DAM) System.

What is a DAM system?

A digital asset management system isn’t as simple as putting all of a company’s files on a shared drive and calling it a day. It’s more of a marketing tool that enables employees and business partners access to digital assets with ease. The formal definition of a DAM system is:

The management, organization and distribution of digital assets from a central repository; A system that allows you to manage all digital assets in one place.

Example: Canadian Beef Marketing Library - artwork assets

Example: Canadian Beef Marketing Library - logo asset download options

Benefits of a DAM System:

  • It’s a one-stop-shop to a company’s (or brand’s) digital assets (logos, imagery, messaging, documents, etc.). This means you don’t have to search endlessly time and time again for the same items because they are now all organized in one place. You can also share and distribute items quickly and easily.

  • It promotes brand integrity by providing easy access to up-to-date brand assets. Maintaining your brand identity is key for strengthening brand awareness and credibility. Providing your team and partners access to your most current assets helps to ensure that your brand will be represented accurately.

  • It offers the ability to manage who can get access to certain types of files. Not just anyone should have access to your assets. You can assign parameters and different levels of access to your digital resources however you see fit.

  • It increases workflow efficiency. Creating materials becomes easier by repurposing already existing content. It also reduces the cost of misplaced work that would otherwise need to be recreated.

  • It accelerates the speed of bringing new products, services, or campaigns to market. Having resources readily available and accessible from anywhere, lets you create and communicate more content, to any market, much faster. 

The time and energy saved by your data management system shifts resources to where they matter most and streamlines all company assets. It can be an overwhelming project internally but here at BTI, your assets are our first priority.

Contact us today for a consultation on building your own data asset management tool, or if you would like to learn more.