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Posted by Mike Woodgate on February 22, 2017

In the home appliance industry, brands are constantly reinventing their product line-ups. Manufacturers of major home appliances are always looking for ways to use new innovations in technology to improve the lives of their customers. But the reinvention is often not just about technology. When it comes to choosing a new major appliance, performance is still the consumer’s top consideration, but style and design are next, and not far behind.



Maytag is a trusted brand with a reputation for building strong, durable and hardworking appliances. But in order to grow, they realized they needed to up the ante on style.

In 2016, Maytag completely redesigned their entire kitchen line-up and asked us to support the launch through executions that targeted three audiences: The Whirlpool internal sales team, their retail partners, and the end consumer.

Our objectives for the launch were threefold:

  • Elevate the brand perception to premium
  • Create an emotional connection with consumers
  • Reinforce the message of dependability

To do this, we developed a brand position - “Style, Soul & Substance”, to speak to each of the objectives, and communicate the parallels between Maytag products and consumers.

“Style, Soul & Substance” was introduced in a BIG way to the Whirlpool team as a theme at their national sales conference, and was carried forward to Whirlpool Canada’s annual Innovations Roadshow (a nationwide training event for retail sales associates).

 Whirlpool Canada 2016 Innovations Roadshow

Then, in time with the new products hitting retail floors, we turned to our expertise and experience in consumer promotions and P.O.P. to develop in-store materials that effectively communicated the new Maytag design story.

Maytag In-Store P.O.P. 

Maytag Consumer Promotion

Maytag Kitchen Suite Builder Flip Book

These executions, in combination with efforts by other agency partners, created a 360 degree launch campaign that helped change consumer perceptions about the Maytag brand, and has become one of their most successful product launches to date.

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