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Posted by Div & Fen on May 8, 2019

As we blast into the future, design tends to constantly evolve with the times, and our ability to generate loyalty is directly related to whether we can keep up. This stays true for print, digital, and environmental design.

Design has been adapted to suit a mostly “Millennial” audience, most of whom expect the world from brands these days and hold extremely high standards for brand loyalty. In 2019, a cheesy caption and a mediocre product photo will not produce the “internet clout” that it may once have. No, no. Instead, brands in 2019 need to portray an image of authenticity. An authentic brand voice is relatable and aware, which are two key qualities of a successful Millennial campaign. But let’s break it down even further - every campaign geared at Millennials needs to be ethical and inclusive, sustainable, often involving motion or animation, and will push the boundaries of conventional layouts and typography.

1. Ethical and Inclusive Design

Modern design is reflective of a global village. Modern design recognizes that it will be viewed and enjoyed by people from all walks and all ethnicities. We’re constantly seeing more brands adopt international models for their products and consider traditional clothing for those that represent the brand. We can see this highlighted in recent advertisements from Nike, L’Oréal, and notably, Fenty Beauty, who is known to have jumpstarted the movement, displaying a diverse cast of models across their Fenty Beauty by Rihanna advertisements.

2. Sustainable Design

Consumerism is extremely taxing on the environment, and as if large scale manufacturing wasn’t already a huge contributor to global carbon emissions, many ad campaigns fail to consider the environment as well.
Millennials are perfectly aware of this issue and attribute value to brands who are conscious of their environmental footprint. For example, consider A&W’s campaign to eliminate plastic drinking straws from all their QSR’s. The company made a large mural, spelling “Change is Good”, built entirely out of the remaining plastic straws from their restaurants. This design was symbolic of forward movement and a growing corporate respect for the environment. Of course, this caught the attention of a younger market, and went viral. On the flip, Adidas has been incorporating recycled ocean plastic into the construction of some shoes. The intent is to continue selling a popular shoe, but by altering the design to be conscious and respectful of the environment.

3. Pushing the Conventions of Typical Layouts and Typography

In overly saturated industries, brands need to stand out above the pack. Many achieve this through unique advertising and design, often pushing conventional layouts and typography to be intentionally “different”. This could mean adopting asymmetric layouts, overlapping elements, and just breaking general rules of design to stand out. Take a look at the example from Nike below; Nike adopts an illustrative style, inspired by street art, to advertise their brand and sneakers. Despite the inconsistent and asymmetrical design, the ads are vibrant, eye catching, and memorable.


4. Animation and Motion Design

In an age of endless scrolling experiences; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., we often find our content lost in a sea of static images, text, and ads. One way to make your design pop is to consider adding an animated or motion element. Videos and animated GIFs encourage scrollers to stop scrolling and take a moment to think. In 2019, we see many brands add motion and animation to their posts to push for engagement.


Design is forever-changing, and can vary depending on which part of the world you are living in. As marketers, we’re constantly chasing the latest trends to stay current, and we recommend any small or large business trying to get a leg up, to do the same. This year, 2019, seems to be the year of motion design, sustainable messages, unconventional layouts, and inclusivity; and honestly, that doesn’t sound too bad to us.

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