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Posted by Brittany on April 20, 2020

Although we are living through a historical moment in history - nothing can stop #teamBTI from keeping the wheels on all of our creative and strategic projects turning. This month we are finding our groove, working almost exclusively from home, but really looking forward to our next face-to-face team meeting too. We have also launched a very special project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic...


Connected Together

Help us celebrate the amazing community initiatives that have blossomed during this time of crisis. 


Larger-than-Thera Poster 

In an effort to spread the word about our latest project, - we created a stand-up poster to decorate the BTI house. If you happen to drive by the Studio - you won't want to miss it! 


Self-Portraits of Life from Home 

We are becoming physical distancing pros - a title none of us could even imagine a few months ago. Despite this, we are more connected than ever and trying to embrace our new reality. We wanted to share some snaps of what working from home looks like for us because there is no right way to do it and we are all doing it differently. 


Emily - "Where home and work collide. I'm making the best of it by sitting cozy, with curated work music, open windows, and an endless supply of food.  smiley


Div - “Working from home is something that you need to consciously adapt to, but once you’ve established a flow, you’ll wonder why you never tried working from home before!”


Thera - "I love working from home, I usually split the day between sitting at my dining room table and then at lunch switching over to my kitchen make-shift stand up desk."


Jinto - "Doing my best, performing under this strict micromanagement from my little guy."


Parveen - "My biggest challenge of working from home is that I never turn off. At 6pm I’ll go downstairs for dinner and come back up to my home office at 7 and lose track of time." 


Shashi - "Spending my days in the dining room - lots of natural light and an endless supply of tea. I look forward to our daily team 'meetings' where we all get to catch up with each other."


Britt - "Working from home has been a real adventure - between 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, there is no lack of entertainment around here!"  


Dhara - "WFH offers an assistant to take notes for me."