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Posted by Brittany on March 23, 2020


In the wake of a global pandemic caused by Covid-19, many businesses are moving swiftly to adapt to our new reality. For this month's News from the Studio - we thought it would be helpful to share how we are managing here at BTI: 

Make technology work for you - at BTI, we've always been highly connected at all times. This means all of our processes have been streamlined with many backup measures already in place should the need to work from home arise. Thanks to self-isolation, we have the opportunity to put these systems to the test. We start our day with an all-staff meeting - it helps us plan our day, talk through our priorities and maintains some level of "normalcy" within this new and unchartered territory. 

Maximize remote work. Working from home might be a relatively new experience within some companies, but it is also an opportunity to dial into what motivates you personally. For some individuals, this might mean maintaining a strict at-home routine but for others, it might include your finest leisurewear and endless coffee. No matter the details, the most important thing is that you are productive, happy and on task.

Stay focused. We recently completed a course on maximizing productivity thanks to Life Pulse. Through this course and Parveen's leadership, we are all working on incorporating some new practices into our daily routine to stay on track and productive. These tactics include discussing goals and priorities every day, making lists and allocating time, sharing wins and opportunities as they arise, and connecting at the end of the day to talk about what was accomplished. Staying focused is increasingly important as we all cope with our own personal anxieties about the state of the world, all the while being isolated and thrown out of our regular routine. 

Combat loneliness. Although we are always connected, thanks to technology, for a lot of us, we are also alone more than we are used to. Humans thrive in social settings, so it is important to seek stimulation from friends and colleagues, just like you would in a regular office environment. Thanks to applications like Zoom for "face-to-face" meetings, Google Hangouts for quick chats, sharing inside jokes and team collaboration, and even good old texting, social support is never far away, this is your reminder to embrace that. 

Be honest. Facing this amount of uncertainty about the future and change to our current situation has been scary and abrupt. By incorporating moments of gratitude into our day, sharing video conference lunches and keeping things moving along as close to normal as we can - we help each other and our client partners navigate this monumental time in history. 

Want to learn more about how you can keep your offsite team motivated and focused? Connect with us here