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Posted by Brittany on February 22, 2021


For this month's 'News From the Studio' and in the spirit of New Year reflections - we wrote a note to our pre-pandemic selves. As we acknowledge a year of COVID-19 and its impact on all of us individually, as well as the world around us - what would you say? 



Control what you can, keep smiling, and trust the process.



Take the time to truly appreciate your family and your home. Enjoy your travels but be present in every moment and take in all the beauty around you. Hug the people you love as often as you can. 


It will go on forever, so get comfortable with the great unknown! 



Live every day as if the world is going to change tomorrow. Focus on what really matters. 



Get ready to help where you can, enjoy what you can, learn what you can, and pay little mind to the rest.



The coming year is going to be one where you learn to appreciate the things close to you - your family, your neighbourhood, and the natural beauty we have right here in Ontario.



It's not a predictable year so try new hobbies, take care of your health, reflect often, and take advantage of every day - seize the moment! 



Don’t stress, everything will be alright.