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Posted by Brittany on January 23, 2021


For team BTI, January means lots of reflection on the previous year, and what a year it was. 

From a global pandemic and lockdowns to international unrest and turmoil, it is safe to say that we are all emerging from last year with a combination of relief and hope for a brighter 2021. 

So, in an effort to share our hopes for the year ahead, we all put some thought into a single word to define the energy we are bringing into 2021:


PARVEEN - Resilience 

In 2020 we reinvented not only the way we operate but also what we do. This year is all about resilience where we will continue to work through the tough situations, recover quickly and come out stronger.


THERA - Growth 

I learned a lot from 2020 and it made me grow as a person - lessons about life, working from home, and taking time to better myself as a designer.


EMILY - Focus 

There is a constant abundance of things vying for our attention on a macro and micro level. I want to challenge those forces and choose to focus my energy on my priorities and my intentions and let that be enough for 2021.


RITU - Peace

My intention is to bring peace to my daily life, to my mind, and to my body. This means letting go of negative thoughts to have peace of mind. Letting go of poor dietary habits and not pushing my body too hard so I can have peace in my body. Managing the stresses and impact of Covid restrictions and focusing on minimalism to have peace in my daily life.


DIV - Triumph 

2020 was a difficult year for most, and as we enter a new one, I think it's important to reflect on the many triumphs we have made as both a community and as individuals during the pandemic. 


SHASHI - Reconnect

With the current Covid-19 restrictions we have all cut down meeting up with friends and family, and traveling to visit loved ones. Thanks to technology, we have found ways to keep in touch, whether it be Zoom calls, game nights, or just video chats. More so, many of us have connected with friends and family all over the world, celebrating milestones and birthdays together. This is something many have not done before, but is quickly becoming a new tradition.


DHARA - Humble 

My motto for 2021 is to remember there is no need to have it all, just make the best of what I have.  


BRITTANY - Fearless

2020 was a bit stressful with the state of the world. This year, I want to put the fear of the unknown away and focus instead on the present moment, and right now, we are all good! 


JINTO - Home

This year the focus is on making our new little place a perfect home.