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Posted by Brittany on June 17, 2020

Another month under wraps from home. At least this time, there is an end in sight. BTI is preparing to reopen our Studio and that has us all wondering what life will look like post-pandemic. For us, we are implementing and strengthening some new policies and thought we would share them in case they help you too - 

  • Professional cleaners with industrial-strength disinfectants - like most offices, we did have regular cleaning services pre-pandemic. Once we reopen we will have them twice a week to ensure thorough and regular sanitization. 
  • Upgraded daily protocol - we treat our office as our home and that means we all take personal responsibility for the cleanliness of our Studio. When we are back in the office, we will upgrade our daily cleaning routine to include disinfecting common surfaces, equipment, and more. 
  • Working from home. We have all had days where maybe we didn't feel great, but we powered through because the work needed to get done. At BTI, the health of our team is a priority and we are well equipped to work from home - so we encourage our team to stay home when not feeling 100% for the safety of us all. 
  • Physical distancing - our team is on the smaller size and we have ample space, so distancing is less of a challenge for us. We are erring on the side of caution though, and also installing partitions between open cubes for extra protection. 
  • Planning on visiting us? We will no longer be open to "walk-in" traffic, and will be available via appointment only, although we can't wait to see you again! 


Amidst a global pandemic - team BTI always finds a reason to stay grounded and in the present moment. And today, we are thinking about Canada Day! Read on to hear how we will be celebrating the country we all love so dearly: 

PARVEEN - I plan on spending Canada Day enjoying family time in the backyard, swimming, barbecuing, and relaxing.


RITU - We will put up our Canada flags, wear red and white and our Canada hats, buy and eat Canada Day treats (cupcakes/cookies) and likely barbecue and swim while listening to Canadian artists on the sound system.


THERA - This Canada day I plan on enjoying being outdoors with my family plus my cat Maya will be 7 so we will be giving her lots of love too while we celebrate her and this wonderful country.


SHASHI - Markham is planning a virtual Canada Day Celebration - this will be a unique experience, complete with Virtual Fireworks. Markham is asking the community to Light Up Your Canadian Pride - light up your residences with red and white lights. Our Canada Flag is proudly hanging outside on our front porch along with our red and white flowers.


BRITTANY - You can find me listening to The Hip, drinking ceasars, and enjoying every moment outside with my family! 


DIV - I will be lounging in the sun as I social distance in my backyard! 


EMILY - This Canada Day, I'll be hanging out with family, creating some fun, outdoor memories


JINTO - I will be enjoying Canada Day outdoors with family. Dan will be excited to slide in the park after a long time!!