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Posted by Brittany on March 26, 2021


As we become experienced pandemic-ers well into the Covid-19 situation, we have been thinking about what else we have become better at since all this began. Working from home, no doubt tops this list. But personally, each of us has experienced shifts in how we spend our time. What was once brunch with friends, is now a puzzle. What was a hot yoga class is now a walk in a park. 

Read on to find out what else we've been learning about... 



The pandemic has allowed me to put more focus on health and wellness. I have built a habit around meditation and breathwork. It is the 1st thing I do every morning. As for workouts, I have shifted my daily 45-minute weight training to using my Walkingpad while on zoom calls and taking as many breaks throughout the day to do small micro workouts. I feel more focused and energized as a result of these changes. Now, my weight on the other hand, is another story :). 



I learned that working at home can be fun and save so much time. I became a yoga instructor and completed a Yin Yoga certificate as well. I fell head over heels with our new friend, Nala, a beautiful Golden Retriever pup. 



We moved to a new neighbourhood during the pandemic, intentionally cut down screen time and started investing more time in my indoor garden. 



Aside from lots of baking, trying out new recipes for cookies, scones, muffins, and cakes, we have been doing a lot of jigsaw puzzles. To get a break from screen time, we have built several complex puzzles, a few of them 1,000 pieces, taking quite a long time to complete.



During this past year, I got off the fence and found a kitten to love. Miles Giorgio Taraborrelli has ruled 3 households (mine and a couple of my family members') in the 4.5 months that he's been around, and has all of them wrapped around his adorable paw. It feels like he's been with us for years heart



A friend of mine gave me a sourdough starter mid-pandemic so I've been spending lots of time (and flour) making a loaf of bread every week for my family and friends. I have learned so much about bread making and patience through this process, and love that it is a hobby that everyone gets to enjoy. 



Although I have been missing my daily Taekwondo sessions I have made up for it by learning about new technology that interests me. I have also been spending lots of time cooking. 



Cooking would be my accomplishment - especially Biriyani.