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Posted by Brittany on October 19, 2020


According to Ontario Public Health - Trick or Treating is not recommended this year, and that sucks. 

But just because we can't have a normal Halloween, doesn't mean we still can't have a fun Halloween. Here is what we are up to this year: 



I will be dressing up and attending a Zoom virtual party with an amazing local DJ!



I will be delivering custom-crafted Halloween jars, full of a custom-mixed candy selection, to my nieces and nephews. Then, maybe a horror flick (if I can make it through)!



I’ve bought my treats....individually wrapped chocolates and chips that can be wiped down by parents before giving them to their kids to enjoy. I hope we get some kids coming by.

I also plan to make treat bags to drop off to my niece and nephew. I’ll also be attending the zoom DJ party with the snacks/drinks delivered by said DJ



This year I plan on shutting off the lights and just celebrate by watching some classic Halloween movies on Netflix, dressed up of course :)



I plan to go all out to make the at-home version of Halloween memorable for my kids. It's their favourite holiday!



Mehaan and his friends have decided to get dressed up in costumes and show each other via video conference. Later in the evening, we will watch the movie Ghostbusters as a family.