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Posted by Div on January 20, 2020

With the new year here in full swing, our Connectors in the Streetsville Studio are hard at work. Check out some of the most exciting ideas and initiatives coming out of our office this month, as we embrace 2020 with open minds and inspired hearts.

  1. Sugar-Free Challenge
    This January, the Connectors in our Streetsville are testing their self-control as they try to abstain from consuming extra sugar for as long as they can. Having started in 2018, and now an annual tradition, we have created a shared calendar where Connectors can log their sugar consumption daily and compete for a cash prize. The Connector with the most days without sugar will be the winner. Sounds easy enough, right? 
    Well, with an office full of Christmas snacks and goodies, I’d beg to differ!


  1. BTI’s Green Initiative
    Although most of our work is completed on a computer screen, like almost every other business, BTI produces its fair share of carbon offset each week. Be it the coffee pods used, printed paper, or energy consumed, like any business, we are not without a carbon footprint of our own. And so, BTI has decided to take on a year-long Green Initiative, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.
    This quarter's green initiative is to consume 10% less paper than the previous quarter. In the last three months, we averaged 2,541 sheets of paper per month, so we are aiming to print 2,287 sheets or less in the next three months.


  1. 100 People Who Care – Sponsored by BTI Brand Innovations
    100 People Who Care is a new initiative taken on by BTI that hosts quarterly events to raise money for local charities. Each event consists of networking, presentations from eligible charities, a vote, and finally – a donation to the winning charity with 100% of the event proceeds. Team BTI is proud to invest our resources into an organization that supports the community where it needs it most. Learn more about 100 People Who Care.

  1. Restorative Yoga led by Ritu
    BTI is taking workplace wellness to a whole new level thanks to Ritu's extensive experience and training as a restorative yoga teacher. Twice a week, we practice in our downstairs meeting room and work on stretching, quieting the mind and relaxing. Ritu teaches us poses that juxtapose our time sitting at our desks and gives us tools to make our lives a little more zen - on and off the mat. Namaste Ritu! 


Questions about our sugar-free challenge, green initiative, 100 People Who Care or our yoga practice? Want to learn more about our team culture? Drop us a line on the form below to get in touch!