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Posted by Marlon Tiongson on May 23, 2018


After many months of hard work, we have officially launched our new website! This website features state of the art design, the latest technology and a bold new look to boot! From stylistic imagery, timeless typography and completely custom illustrations, our new home base is packing a visual punch. Not only is our new website beautiful – it also tells our story in a way that has never been done before. This is us. This is where we archive our thoughts and insights, where we prove ourselves time and time again and where we give our audience a glimpse into what makes BTI, the best full-service creative agency around!

Like many of our partners know, great websites don’t happen by accident. So we thought we would share our thought process on how ours came to be. So come on in and stay a while, and also be sure to check out our OVERVIEW VIDEO for a hands-free tour. 


Our previous website design had a great track record and response rate. In fact, we were tempted to keep it the same. However, we felt that a refreshed layout could amplify our content with an enhanced delivery and greater visual impact. We wanted to maximize browser real estate wherever available. And with the full-screen design already becoming the norm, we knew we had to jump in.

Look and Feel 

The first thing we did was to give our type kit an upgrade. This means we went with geometric and robust typefaces, using different font weights for contrast. We stuck with our original colour scheme and augmented other design elements with complementary hues. Lastly, we anchored the visuals with hand-drawn illustrations to reinforce the message. And the new design looks great on all devices from mobile to desktop. 

The Homepage 

It all starts on the homepage with our new welcome, we created a quick looping video that is not only a virtual tour of our office, it also provides a glimpse into our culture, mission, vision and values. You might notice that we make our story front and centre on our new site. After all, that is what makes us, us! 

Next, we created several clearly identified sections giving users a quick preview right off the bat. Most of the sections are split into grids of imagery and text for maximum visual impact. These grids deliver visually rich content such as key services, featured case studies, and highlight our award-winning campaigns.

We wrap up the homepage by showcasing the latest blog posts for the users’ reading pleasure.

At the end of the scroll, we have a call for user interaction and that is constant throughout the site. The footer contains all contact info for easy access whatever page you are on.

Page Highlights

Our team is always about being creative and having fun, and it shows on The Connectors page. Photography, illustrations, and graphical typography make up the top fold, showing the team’s individual personality and imagination. Click on each person to see their corresponding GIF. 

The Expertise page took on a more conceptual approach to visuals and stylized typography. It also includes relevant content such as case studies and testimonials.

The Case Study page revamp offers a huge improvement from the previous version. More engaging content with impactful images and video come into play for better user experience.

Our Give Forward page highlights BTI's commitment to giving back to the community. We regularly champion causes that make an impact and mean the most to us. Take a look to see what's been inspiring us lately. 

Our Entrepreneurship page is another new addition to our website content lineup and it offers a nod to all of the entrepreneurs with whom BTI has had the pleasure of collaborating with, past, present, and future. 


Overall, content delivery has greatly improved, giving users more options to access pages with ease. From the main navigation at the top to a more linear approach using callout buttons at the end of each page. It also has a well-structured sitemap and page contents, as well as fast page loading speed using highly optimized images and graphics.

Robust Backend

Underneath this fresh visual interface is a solid backend that makes content 100% dynamic. Built on the latest technologies in web development, key features include improved admin interface and graphics, simplified navigation and thorough search engine optimization at every click. The new website is responsive across all platforms, making site access available on all devices from desktop to mobile.


A refreshed website is a great way to continue telling your brand story, connect with your customers and let your brand shine! Are you ready to give your website a new look? Connect with us! We would love to help!