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Posted by Thera-Lee Rego on September 24, 2018

As a designer I am fascinated by the way we use colour in our work to convey meaning, inspire others, and influence the way people perceive our creations. This year, Pantone Colour Systems released its colour of the year, Ultra Violet 18-3838, a deep purple shade that mimics infinite galaxies, reminding us to go beyond our boundaries and to push our creativity further than ever before. The colour purple is associated with spirituality, a higher self, fulfillment and vitality; it embodies the energy and strength of red with the spirituality and integrity of blue.

Ultra Violet’s enigmatic colour has been a huge inspiration for creativity throughout the ages. The colour has been known to influence musical icons such as Prince, who brought the colour to the limelight as part of his unique image. Ultra Violet encourages creative pursuits, which is why artists, writers, poets, designers and physicists are all drawn towards the colour and are inspired by its magic and mystery.

Naturally, this trending colour was a great pick for the Living Arts Centre logo that BTI designed last year. Creative and vibrant, with a bold and contemporary look, a truly inspiring colour for a creative institute. Now, the real question is what will the Pantone colour be for 2019? I’m going to take a guess at predicting that the colour will be a Deep Pantone Red, or perhaps a fun Pantone Teal, or maybe it will be a Burnt Umber Orange or a Coffee Bean Brown. What would your prediction be?

Pantone Colour of The Year Poll
P 63-8 C
7583 C
2479 CP
19-4914 TPX