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Posted by Emily Taraborrelli on December 18, 2012

In a day of highly saturated industries and über-competitive everything, identifying a solid point of differentiation is crucial for any organization. Within the realms of marketing and creative agencies, effective project management is now being recognized and appreciated as a vital and necessary value proposition.

What does effective project management really mean to a creative agency? It’s very logical actually. Matching the client objectives with the agencies capabilities, it sources and manages the resources needed to complete the project on time and within budget, while also maintaining and increasing the brand integrity.

There are a number of benefits associated with such a practice. Listed below are three of them:

Clear Objectives

Once a project manager (PM) determines a client’s needs, they can both agree on the desired outcome. Keeping this objective clear and focused with the creative team is the goal of the PM, and doing so enables the project to follow an efficient flow. The use of a project brief/creative brief is imperative to keep the project on track as it captures the objectives, requirements and expectations of the project in one place that the client and creative team can both refer to. This ensures that both parties are aligned and accountabilities are established.

Client Satisfaction

Project managers make their client’s job easier by establishing a schedule, gathering required info and keeping lines of communication open and clear. A PM doesn’t wait for the client to get things moving, instead, they proactively initiate the tasks necessary to reach the end result.

Enhanced Efficiency

Strategically managing multiple projects for a particular brand allows a PM to continually gather knowledge and insights into that brand, and become well acquainted with things like brand guidelines, brand messaging, legal allowances and restrictions, etc. Having this brand knowledge means the PM can foresee potential issues typical to arise and then plan to prevent them or to iron them out before they snowball into larger, more costly oversights. This competency is something that comes with dedicated experience and relationship building with a client or brand.

So, when pitching to potential clients, or reinforcing your relevance to existing ones, don’t forget to shine some light on what greases your wheels and keeps your organization running smooth.