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Posted by Dhara Naik on August 23, 2017

Join us in welcoming Sheryl Johnson to the BTI team as our Chief Insights Officer! 

Sheryl comes to us as an experienced strategist and storyteller, providing our clients with insights second to none. She also brings her dog Myca with her, who immediately stole our hearts and has been promoted to our office mascot. 

Read on to learn more about Sheryl (and Myca) and her unique role at BTI:

So Sheryl, what brings you to an agency after 25 years on the client-side? 

Well, in a sense you can say I’ve come back home. I started my career at AC Nielsen, building insight driven analyses for my clients. You can take the girl out of the insights, but not the insights out of the girl. 

Starting with the consumer has always been the way I approach a business problem/challenge. Gleaning the ‘a-ha’ moments drove innovation, solved market downturns and even turned reluctant retailers towards new listings. The opportunity to build exceptional marketing programs while keeping the consumer at the centre of everything we do was an opportunity at BTI that I wanted to be a part of.

What will be your role as Chief Insights Officer?

In a nutshell, bringing the consumer to the table. Clients and agencies generally speak to objectives, KPI's, timelines, budgets… but what many agencies lack is the ability to leverage consumer insights into a winning creative idea. Ensuring the consumer's voice is at the table from pitch all the way through to execution will be my role. 

How will BTI clients benefit from this?

I’ve sat in your seat, as a Marketing Manager, Director or a VP. I hope to bring that level of client understanding to the table in service to building strong, long-term relationships and ensuring we exceed our client’s expectations and goals.

What is your favourite TV show?

Coronation Street! I know... but it is really good! 

What food can't you live without?

Sushi. I travelled to Sydney Australia, got off the plane, checked into my hotel and found the nearest sushi restaurant.

Sheryl and Myca - her 2.5-year-old Austrialian Bernedoodle, also known as BTI's Director of Happiness. 

What foods are BTI team members allowed to feed Myca?

Any vegetables. I do watch what he eats, but raw veggies are his fav. Go at it team! 

What inspires you at work? 

Being around a team of high-energy, positive, smart people. I learn something new every day, and that inspires this lifelong student. 

What does your perfect Saturday look like?

Morning - a quiet walk along the Lakeshore with Myca and a visit to the local farmers market.

Afternoon - visiting family out in Ajax, or on a rainy day, catching up on Game of Thrones.

Cooking or dishes? 

I love to BBQ. Baby back ribs, steak, maple glazed salmon on a cedar plank, rosemary & garlic lamb chops, balsamic & olive oil grilled vegetables... the list goes on. Unfortunately, I moved into a condo about 4 years ago and we are not allowed to BBQ... should have read the fine print! LOL. Forces me to drive out to Ajax to use my parents' BBQ. 

What song is your anthem? 

Proud Mary - Tina Turner. No matter what mood I'm in, as soon as this song starts, I'm energized. 

What is your motto?

Strength, courage, wisdom. Be mentally, physically and emotionally strong. Have the courage to do what you're afraid of. Be empathetic, be sympathetic, be wise. 

What is your dream car?

Porsche C4S. I drove it on a test drive at 185KPH on the on-ramp to the highway. I’m a bit of a car fanatic.

Favourite quote?

Nah - Rosa Parks* 

*Not an actual quote, I saw it on a T-shirt. What this means to me is to not settle for the status quo and to question the established way of doing things.

Guilty pleasure? 

Enjoying a Big Turk (Emily knows :))

Who inspires you? 

I’m inspired by so many people. The women in my family inspire me. My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother all had underprivileged childhoods, but each rose up to build incredibly strong women who pay it forward.

Favourite place to travel? 

I’ve been very fortunate to have travelled to many countries around the world, but the life-changing moment was in Tanzania where I spent a few days working at an orphanage. It was life changing because it was during a time when the iPhone and iPad were really popular. I had planned to get my 3-year-old nephew an iPad that year. At the orphanage there was a little girl - happy as I’ve ever seen a little girl, laughing, running with a box pulled by a string behind her. Just a box and a piece of string and she was happier than I’ve ever seen an 8-year-old. I gained a great deal of perspective travelling through Kenya and Tanzania that year.

Do you have a question for Sheryl, want to learn more about her or meet her for a coffee? Let us know!