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Posted by Mike Woodgate on September 24, 2013

DRIcore Sublfoor brand reached out to BTI for a complete rebranding to appeal more to consumers rather than just professionals. The previous branding carried a hard, industrial look, tailored more to contractors or tradesmen. DRIcore now wanted to reposition their brand with a more consumer friendly look and feel. The average person should feel that they can purchase and install this subfloor themselves, without feeling intimidated or unsure how to use it.

BTI looked at every point of contact between the DRIcore Sublfoor product and the consumer, then recommended and designed a complete marketing program starting from the brand identity. To visually set the brand apart from its direct and indirect competition, BTI selected a deep purple colour that would stand out and create a strong association with the brand and the product, as this wasn’t a common colour used within home renovation type retailers.

The rest of the recommended marketing program included development of all sales, marketing, and consumer collateral. All points of communication needed to better inform consumers about the product, and encourage them to take on a subflooring project themselves. In more, or less detail, a gamut of information, from product info, to instructional info, to incentive info, is communicated across all materials to reinforce brand and product messaging, creating greater consumer appeal.

BTI gave DRIcore an undeniable and impactful presence within retail stores, trade shows, and other environments, by branding everything from brochures, store banners, panel displays, sample packs, trade show materials, skid posters, premiums and wearable pieces – and list goes on. Some materials were additionally modified for Canada specific and US specific reach.

DRIcore Subfloor brand’s online presence was also heightened with the rebranded website that integrated social media channels, giving the brand opportunity to communicate with consumers on every level.

As a result, BTI has successfully created ownership with the colour purple in a crowded big box store environment and witnessed a fast growth of the brand. Over 170 million square feet of DRIcore Subfloor panels have been sold to date, and that number keeps growing.