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Posted by Naina on June 18, 2021


If there’s one lesson that we all can take from the year 2020, it’s that life is unpredictable. It’s been a challenging year for all sorts of businesses. The pandemic brought with it extreme changes in consumer behaviour and unprecedented government restrictions, which lead to an overall hostile economic environment.


While the impact of the last year is still being understood, the rate at which businesses have adopted emerging technologies is abundantly clear.  It’s easy to see that consumers have drastically changed their buying habits from in-person shopping to online shopping. And surprisingly, this won’t change once the virus is defeated. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted customer behaviour forever, according to a recent survey by UNCTAD. However, there will still be people who will go back to their previous ways without skipping a beat. As we begin to imagine the future of shopping post-pandemic, businesses need to continue to be prepared for anything.

With the province easing up the restrictions, here are few tips to marketing in such a complex environment:


Reinvest in Social Media 

Consumption of social media platforms has significantly jumped during the pandemic. Not only are consumers active on these platforms for their entertainment, but businesses have also become more active on social media for increased visibility. This means there are not just business-to-consumer opportunities but also more business-to-business opportunities on these platforms.

Brands and companies should consider social media engagement with their potential consumers using various social media engagement strategies, such as influencer marketing, going live on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to have conversations with the audiences, or even consider using online polls for public opinion on specific topics. 


Know Your Keywords  

No matter how great your content is and how big your budget is, you will always need Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There’s simply no visibility without it. Good quality content with SEO will still be very critical in the coming year. 

Large corporations have invested heavily in their digital channels in recent months as customers are increasing their online shopping. This means small businesses, in particular, would have to step up their SEO game and target ultra-niche and long-tail keywords. In addition, the content needs to be more engaging and creative than your usual listicles and guides.


Give Back to the Community

It's been a tough year for everybody. A lot of things have changed drastically, not only for business but for consumers too. Helping your customers and their community in whatever way you can will be very beneficial in creating new trustworthy relationships that close the digital divide. 

Get involved in your community and donate time or energy where you can. Even messages of awareness help. Gestures such as these will help those who need a hand and demonstrate your commitment to the community.


As a small business ourselves, BTI understands the unique challenges and obstacles that came along with the pandemic. As we begin to unravel the events of the last year and their impact on the ground and also the bottom line, we want to emphasize our unwavering commitment to holistic marketing aligned to your company values. How can we help you kick-start your businesses as we kiss these provincial restrictions goodbye? 

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