• BTI Wins Multiple Hermes Creative Awards!

    Staying true to our mission of creating work which is not only creatively stimulating, but delivers on business results, BTI kicked off the award season by bagging 2 prestigious gold trophies at the Hermes awards. Read more

  • Colours and Cultures

    Every country and culture associates symbolic values to different colours. An inappropriate use of colour can be perceived as offensive for certain communities. Read more

  • Memories of 2016: A Social Media Yearbook

    Social media marketing has come long way since it took the world by storm. From beginning as a trend, it has become an essential part of a consumer’s life and a marketer's plan. The platform… Read more

  • Ho Ho Ho… Happy Diwali!!

    Simply putting a lamp (diya) and writing something in Hindi does not make an effective piece of communication for Diwali. Brands need to integrate their products into this festival. To connect with the South Asian… Read more

  • BTI Brand Innovations Puts New Focus on Ethnic Marketing

    Over the next 20 years the Canadian Chinese population will increase by almost 80%, and the South Asian population will more than double! Find out how BTI offers our unique perspective to help brands connect… Read more

  • Introducing The Smashables

    'The Smashables', sound like a superhero team with destructive super powers. 2016 is the year of super heroes, from Avengers to Justice League. However, this blog is not about super heroes: Smashable is a philosophy… Read more

  • Hotspots: Targeting Immigrant Communities

    Canada’s ethnic build up will increase another notch, with the Liberal government planning to bring in 300,000 immigrants in 2016 - The highest ever in Canadian history! It's time to tap into the great potential… Read more

  • The Elephant in the Room - Ethnic Marketing and Why it Matters

    Yes, there is an elephant in the room. Most of us tend to ignore it. We think that it's about time that we, as marketers acknowledge the presence of this elephant; namely the ‘Immigrant Community’. Read more

  • Pick Me Up! Influencing Customers With In-Store P.O.P.

    Making a final purchase decision can be confusing and overwhelming to customers. That's when POP advertising becomes the key to closing the sale. Read more