• Menu Design Done Right

    One of the most important parts of a restaurant branding is its menu, a restaurants menu is a reflection of the restaurant itself, and will help attract new customers to try out the restaurant. What… Read more

  • BTI Wins Multiple Hermes Creative Awards!

    Staying true to our mission of creating work which is not only creatively stimulating, but delivers on business results, BTI kicked off the award season by bagging 2 prestigious gold trophies at the Hermes awards. Read more

  • Head-To-Head: Digital vs. Creative Agency

    You need a new website. Or maybe you require a great online marketing campaign. Perhaps you want a company to manage your social media presence. You've probably asked yourself "should I go with a Creative… Read more

  • Marketing Academy: How to Allocate an Effective Marketing Budget

    How much should a business spend on marketing? This can be a difficult question to answer, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. These are the factors you must consider when making your annual marketing budget. Read more

  • BTI Brand Innovations Puts New Focus on Ethnic Marketing

    Over the next 20 years the Canadian Chinese population will increase by almost 80%, and the South Asian population will more than double! Find out how BTI offers our unique perspective to help brands connect… Read more

  • The Roundup™ - Developing a Comprehensive Mobile App

    Canada Beef Inc. is an independent national beef cattle marketing, promotion and research organization. They have always provided consumers and industry personnel with useful and relevant information through the use of various resources; but this… Read more

  • 2014 Year In Review - Web Design Trends

    Flat design, responsiveness, minimalism, video content, typography, branded, one page, fixed navigation, sticky navigation, compact sidebars, parallax, SVG? I could keep this list going but thought this was a good place to stop. As technology… Read more

  • Innovation Meets Innovation - Vanguard Law Group Website Design

    Being one of the most innovative legal firms in North America, Vanguard Law Group required a website that reflected their unique and cutting edge approach to real estate law. Since video conferencing and remote legal… Read more

  • Case Study: A Brand Evolution Experience

    Sometimes, all you need is a Brand Standards Guide to ensure ongoing brand consistency. Read more

  • In Conversation with Parveen Dhupar

    As BTI celebrates our 15 year anniversary we step into the mind of Parveen Dhupar, our founder and fearless leader, to discover what his vision was when BTI began, how it has developed over the… Read more

  • Case Study: Paris Fashion Getaway Contest

    Building off the exciting launch of Cashmere UltraLuxe and existing fashion-focused branding, BTI was challenged to conceptualize, design and execute an in-store promotion, helping to garner customer excitement during their grocery shopping experience. Read more

  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Why You Gave $100 to an Organization You Knew Nothing About

    If you have had any involvement in social media over the last 3 months, then chances are that you've willingly had a bucket of ice water dumped on your head and paid money to support… Read more

  • Video Content - The Future of Online Marketing

    What do Super Bowl ads, grumpy cat, rick-rolling, cats, laughing babies, the Old Spice guy, more cats and celebrity wardrobe malfunctions have in common? Not only the fact that they are all videos, but they… Read more

  • The Creative Process Defined

    All successful businesses follow certain processes to ensure consistent results. Read more

  • BTI After Hours

    After a hard days work, BTI's members spend the evening pursuing their passions and interests. Hobbies bring you joy, increase your eye for detail, keep your mind sharp and expand your creativity while helping you… Read more

  • BTI am Canadian!

    Among the family barbecues and fireworks of Canada Day, we at BTI couldn't help but feel patriotic with how much our country has accomplished over the last 147 years. Though sometimes difficult to define, the… Read more

  • Case Study: The Maytag Store

    The Maytag Store, one of Canada's favourite appliance stores, specializes in the sale of Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid and Jenn-Air appliances across the province. In a competitive marketplace with many large big box home appliance stores… Read more

  • Want To Dramatically Drive Online Sales?

    Wondering why your E-commerce website is not generating your desired sales? Or looking to build an e-commerce site in the near future? These are 10 features that every E-commerce site must have to succeed online. Read more

  • Extra! Extra! Read All About It: The Changing Face of Newspaper in Canada

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! With the first daily newspaper concept dating all the way back to 69 B.C., it is surprising that other than Gutenberg inventing the press in 1450, most of the… Read more

  • Case Study: Canada Beef Inc. Rebranding

    Canada Beef Inc. is an independent national beef cattle marketing, promotion and research organization. They market Canadian beef as the premium beef product of choice for both domestic and international markets. Before Canada Beef Inc.… Read more

  • BTI Design 101 (Part 3): Shape and Layout

    Over the past 2 months, we have explored the impact of colour and typography in design, and this month we will end off our series by discussing the element that makes your work a complete… Read more

  • BTI Design 101 (Part 2): Typography

    Last month we published part 1 of our 3 part series, BTI Design 101, which discussed the impact that colour has on design. This month we will explore the subtle art of typography, an element… Read more

  • Case Study: FormularyKits.ca

    Innovators understand other innovators. When deciding to develop and launch Canada's first online, comprehensive communication portal for the pharmaceutical industry, PIVINA Consulting teamed up with BTI Brand Innovations to head the branding and create the… Read more

  • Case Study: Teriyaki Experience - Rice Noodle Typhoon Bowl

    Teriyaki Experience wanted to launch and promote a new Thai-inspired meal, and because they are a Japanese chain, one of the main challenges they faced was to name the meal in a creative way without… Read more

  • BTI Design 101 (Part 1): Colour

    I like to break down graphic design into these 3 components: colour, typography, and shape/layout, and when used effectively they create a design that is unique, impactful and memorable. Read more

  • Case Study: Whirlpool/Home Depot Brand Launch

    BTI was asked to assist with the launch of Whirlpool Appliances within Home Depot stores. With so many appliance brands to choose from, Whirlpool Canada needed to ensure their brand remained top of mind with… Read more


    We all have those places which nurture our creativity and help bring us to that "EUREKA!" moment. Where are you when creativity strikes and those great ideas come to you? Let's take a walk around… Read more

  • 12 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand Messaging

    Do you want your brand messaging to cut through the clutter and stand out in the mind of the consumer? Here are some of our tips on how to avoid having your message fall into… Read more

  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - The Creative Inspiration Behind our BTI Crest

    Earlier this year, a client approached us with a unique request: to design a family crest for him. During our time researching the history, context, and symbology behind family crests we realized that they are… Read more

  • Project Management: Point of Differentiation

    In a day of highly saturated industries and über-competitive everything, identifying a solid point of differentiation is crucial for any organization. Within the realms of marketing and creative agencies, effective project management is now being… Read more