• BTI After Hours

    After a hard days work, BTI's members spend the evening pursuing their passions and interests. Hobbies bring you joy, increase your eye for detail, keep your mind sharp and expand your creativity while helping you… Read more

  • BTI Design 101 (Part 3): Shape and Layout

    Over the past 2 months, we have explored the impact of colour and typography in design, and this month we will end off our series by discussing the element that makes your work a complete… Read more

  • Case Study: Teriyaki Experience - Rice Noodle Typhoon Bowl

    Teriyaki Experience wanted to launch and promote a new Thai-inspired meal, and because they are a Japanese chain, one of the main challenges they faced was to name the meal in a creative way without… Read more

  • BTI Design 101 (Part 1): Colour

    I like to break down graphic design into these 3 components: colour, typography, and shape/layout, and when used effectively they create a design that is unique, impactful and memorable. Read more


    We all have those places which nurture our creativity and help bring us to that "EUREKA!" moment. Where are you when creativity strikes and those great ideas come to you? Let's take a walk around… Read more

  • Poster Designs that Will Thrill and Horrify!

    October, and more specifically Halloween, is one of my favourite times of the year. It's a great time to admire the dark and grim side of things, including art and design. As a fan of… Read more

  • Sparks and Solutions: From First to Final

    When taking a moment to look back on the work that we do here at BTI, I try to recall that moment that the idea was sparked in the first place. One way I have… Read more

  • Creative Spark

    A creative idea can come from anywhere. The process starts with a simple spark, or a sketch. We are constantly inspired by our surroundings; life, love, nature, and art… From sketches like these, new ideas… Read more