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Posted by Dhara Naik on November 27, 2017

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry is known for its high competition, low success and low loyalty rate. Because of the climate in this industry, owners are always looking for game-changing ideas to revolutionize the system and provide solutions to many hurdles at once.

The self-ordering system did just that and was viewed as nothing less than a magic wand. This is a modern-day, secret weapon - in theory, able to reduce errors, wait times and relieve some staff duties. A fresh trendy splash of technology which not only acts as a helping hand to owners but also gets businesses noticed by one of the most valuable consumer segment – millennials.  

The acceptance of self-serve ordering in restaurants is hardly surprising. Consumers have extremely high expectations for their retail and restaurant experiences, and rightly so. They want immediate service and answers to questions, customization, high levels of personal customer service, and instant payment. The self-ordering system answers many of these problems in one.

Here are some of the ways in which this new technology provides advantages: 

Staff Flexibility

By having customers take control of the ordering process, restaurant owners will have much more flexibility when it comes to staffing. While self-ordering technology requires fewer counter service workers, more staff can be devoted to helping solve customer problems and create a better in-store experience. This also can be looked at as an opportunity to save money on labour.

Order Accuracy

The margin of error is significantly reduced when customers select and place their own order. The technology helps to alleviate miscommunication and hence reduce situations like “this isn’t what I ordered” to almost nil.

Increase The Order Size

Instead of relying on the staff to highlight the high margin items and profitable add-ons, this system can do it for you. All available add-ons for each menu item can be displayed to customers, increasing the likelihood that they’ll add toppings, a side, or ‘make it a combo’– all of which increases the dollars in. 

As self-ordering technology is introduced to the masses, the reaction of the consumer will be something to watch. While some generations may find the lack of face-to-face interaction to be a perk, there may be resistance with others.

How do you think self-order kiosks will disrupt the quick serve restaurant industry?

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