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Exciting Event Attendees


How do you create excitement for attendees at a learning event? BTI has been creating signature events for years with thousands of Retail Sales Associates (RSAs) attending. We were tasked with developing a solution to create some excitement and hype to energize the attendees and set the tone of the event.


BTI recommended starting off each event with a sizzle video. The videos would provide a teaser of what the RSA would be experiencing and learning at the event, along with key brand messaging. To add to the hype and excitement, the video was introduced at the beginning of each event session with loud energetic music and dramatic lights moving to the beat of the music


BTI created memorable sizzle videos to excite the RSAs about the upcoming training experience, and to keep them engaged throughout the event. A second version of the video closed off the event to reinforce the key messaging and highlights of the training experience; and to ensure the RSAs left the event with that same feeling of excitement and energy.