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Posted by Div on November 20, 2018

As another holiday season quickly approaches, many retailers begin to ramp up promotional activity, ad spends, and public relations. The holidays are a hot season for retail. What really sets innovative businesses aside from the rest of the crowd is their ability to quickly adopt and leverage new digital technologies and features as they become available online.

For example, in 2018, Facebook rolled out its Video Creation Kit, a platform that helps marketers develop short ad videos, to use for paid ad campaigns simply by importing a few photos into the platform. The social network has even designed a few holiday-inspired themes to overlay onto your videos or advertisements. This type of culturally relevant marketing is becoming more and more simple to put together and execute. Video ads on Facebook typically garner more engagement/views than static images or carousels, as the videos usually auto play as you scroll down your feed, which captures attention more effectively.

Millennial audiences seem to be increasingly drawn to social shopping, as networks such as Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram are embracing the concept of “swipe to buy”. Macy’s is a great example of a retail business leveraging these trends in social media. This holiday season, Macy’s is running a campaign targeted towards younger shoppers who spend considerable amounts of time on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Targeted shoppers will be able to see personalized shopping carousels on their Instagram feeds, outlining gift ideas for different members of their family and/or friends. These shoppable carousels allow users to make purchases directly from the Instagram app.

People love stories. Taking a quick peek into 10 seconds of your friends’ day has become a normal part of our regular mobile routine. During these peek sessions, we see advertisements custom tailored to our demographic, and unavoidably, placed between stories. This said, major brands are generating content for Instagram and Facebook story marketing, and there’s no reason why small businesses shouldn’t join in on the fun. By advertising in stories, brands are able to place promotions directly in front of the consumers' eyes – if they want to flip to the next story, they'll need to see your ad first. Apart from advertising in stories, businesses also see success in producing highlight reels on their profiles to attract casual browsers. These highlight reels can cover more intimate content to capture a company's culture and overall persona. 

Finally, Influencer Marketing. In 2018, Influencer marketing exploded, even more so than the year before. In fact, brands spent over a billion dollars on influencer marketing last year. Be it YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, you name it - every social network has its fair share of influencers. There are influencers from all walks of life and all unique followings. Brands leverage these influencers for organic exposure, usually in exchange for some free samples. In 2018, Instagram rolled out a feature that allows influencers to tag brands as paid partners, and also provide an official link to click-through link on Instagram to purchase the product. Small businesses need to take advantage of the influencer revolution because it continues to be one of the most cost effective and organic ways of expanding reach. Given influencer marketing's enormous potential, social media platforms will continue to develop new technologies to help these influencers flourish.

The beauty behind online marketing is that there are no regional limitations, provided you follow all necessary privacy laws. Canadian businesses can leverage an American, European, or Asian market, which can prove to be quite profitable given the current state of the Loonie. American Consumer Confidence is at an all-time high since the year 2000… what are you waiting for?

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