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Posted by Div on August 3, 2018

In an overly saturated tech market, the big dogs typically spend millions in R&D to produce and sell innovative products to consumers. However, appealing to consumers is only half the battle for publicly traded businesses; the real market to keep happy is made up of thousands of investors.  On August 2nd, Sonos, in its 16th year of business, launched its IPO.

To capture the attention of investors and tech enthusiasts, the premium speaker firm formed a partnership with the Nasdaq to permanently redesign the sound of the stock exchange’s opening bell. This project was a collaborative effort between the Nasdaq, Sonos’ sound engineer Chris Jenkins, and Sonos’ lead of sound experience, Giles Martin.

The new bell features a familiar but more attention seeking sound, finished off with the sound of a spinning coin, to reflect the piles of ‘coin’ traded on the Nasdaq daily.

As of Thursday, August 2nd, 2018, SONO on the Nasdaq has risen over 20% above its IPO price.

You can check out the redesign below.

Listen to the new Nasdaq bell:

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